Wood Street Village, Near Guildford, Surrey, UK

Save Hog’s Back Campaign

Objections to Guildford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan proposals to build 1800 houses, an industrial park and a highway on the slopes of the Hog’s Back at Blackwell Farm should be submitted by July 14th.

In writing to:

Planning Policy (Local Plan Consultation)
Guildford Borough Council
Millmead House

or by email to: localplan@guildford.gov.uk

Local Groups suggest it will:

Destroy views from the Hog’s Back Ridge – a nationally designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Remove 72 hectares of scenic farmland and additional ancient woodland from the green belt

Increase tailbacks on the A31 and create traffic congestion

Result in “rat-running” through local roads, including Wood Street

Add to Guildford’s pollution