Wood Street Village, Near Guildford, Surrey, UK

2016 Show

WSV Show 2016

The Annual Village Show took place on July 9th this year.

Thank you to all who attended, general public, exhibitors, stall holders, performers and volunteers alike. Without you, there would not be a show!

Thankfully, the weather was kind and the threatened downpours held off, making it a good afternoon out for all.

If you have any pics taken at the show which you would like posted on the website, please email them to info@woodstreetvillage.info Whilst we cannot promise to use all of them, we will do our best. Please include a title with each image.

Flower Show

Flower Show (Dave Snell)


Summer Fruit

Summer Fruit Dave Snell)


Pimms o'clock

Pimms o’clock (Dave Snell)


Local Plan Objections – Deadline 18th July

From Neville Bryan – WSVA


Dear Wood Street Villagers


The time is nearly up.. Today is deadline day, and I really hope this is one last effort from you all. Even if you responded to the local plan consultation last time, we need you to do it again. We need your objections so the planning inspector hears us and asks questions.


Please ask EVERYONE (spouse, children, parent, friends, etc – anyone who has a connection to Guildford) to respond individually even if it is a simple objection from the list below by THIS evening  Monday 18th July 2016  All you have to do is say why you object… Some simple object idea’s in the list below…


Objections by email to                  localplan@guildford.gov.uk


Or by hand  to Local Plan Consultation Team,

Guildford Borough Council,

Millmead House,



Must be there and acknowledge by end of day 18th July 2016 (today)



  1. The Housing number of 693 is far too high. The SHMA calculations on how this number was reached have not been provided (and we have been asking for two years). Nobody in the council has checked it (or that is what the council have told us). Resident cannot check the calculation as GBC have refused to provided it. We are taking the number on trust from a company  called GLHearn who represent developers, and boast on their web site they solve developer problems.


  1. Constraints on the housing number NEED to be applied as allowed but have not been. Guildford is 89% Greenbelt, 44% Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, yet our roads are gridlocked and that is TODAY. This plan will not fix that just make it worse that is 14000 houses at 2 cars per house…  on our roads extra !


  1. There should be NO BUILDING ON THE GREENBELT without local resident agreement. This greenbelt destruction is robbing the next generation of their heritage and driving up pollution and traffic.


  1. Brownfield opportunities are being ignored, or assigned elsewhere – we need more homes in the town centre (not 40% more shops), and much more accommodation on campus for students, and homes for the elderly to free up family houses.  The University needs to build the student accommodation it promised in 2003. The University impact needs to be allowed for and managed in this plan.


  1. The transport evidence is very weak and major transport issues are unresolved e.g. another river crossing in the town, a central bus depot.


  1. Sewage and water provision risks.


  1. There has been no consultation with local residential bodies such as Resident Associations or Parish Councils.

2016 Show

The Annual Village Show takes place on July 9th this year.

Village Show 2016 poster

Save Hog’s Back Campaign

Objections to Guildford Borough Council’s draft Local Plan proposals to build 1800 houses, an industrial park and a highway on the slopes of the Hog’s Back at Blackwell Farm should be submitted by July 14th.

In writing to:

Planning Policy (Local Plan Consultation)
Guildford Borough Council
Millmead House

or by email to: localplan@guildford.gov.uk

Local Groups suggest it will:

Destroy views from the Hog’s Back Ridge – a nationally designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Remove 72 hectares of scenic farmland and additional ancient woodland from the green belt

Increase tailbacks on the A31 and create traffic congestion

Result in “rat-running” through local roads, including Wood Street

Add to Guildford’s pollution